The Dream MMA: A Pan-African Celebration of Athletic Excellence in Ivory Coast

Premier Projects is thrilled to share the remarkable success of our recent flagship event, “The Dream MMA” in collaboration with the Royales des Jeux du Cameroun and the MMA Federation of Ivory Coast. This night of electrifying fights not only showcased exceptional athleticism but also marked a significant milestone in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) journey, leaving a lasting impact locally and across the Pan-African landscape.


Celebrating Athletic Excellence

The Dream MMA event brought together a constellation of MMA talent, headlined by none other than our founder, Francis Ngannou, whose presence continues to inspire and elevate the sport on the continent. The fights were intense, the moments unforgettable, and the champions crowned demonstrated the epitome of excellence.


CSR Impact Locally: Nurturing African Talent

At Premier Projects, we believe in the power of sports to transform lives. Dream MMA provided a platform for local athletes to showcase their skills, fostering a new generation of African fighters who dare to dream big. Our commitment to nurturing talent at the grassroots level echoes through the success stories of each participant.


Pan-African Reach: Empowering Youth Through Sport

Beyond the local impact, Dream MMA reached across borders to promote unity and collaboration within the Pan-African MMA community. The event served as a beacon, illustrating the strength that lies in shared dreams and common goals.


Empowering Communities: A Night to Remember

One of the defining aspects of Dream MMA was its ability to bring communities together. The event was not merely a showcase of physical prowess but a celebration of the human spirit, resilience, and the potential for positive change through sport.


CSR Initiatives: Building a Legacy

Dream MMA is not just an event; it’s a cornerstone of Premier Projects’ CSR initiatives. We are committed to building a lasting legacy that empowers African youth through sports, creating opportunities, and fostering a sense of pride and achievement.


Looking Forward: The Dream Continues

As we reflect on the success of Dream MMA, we are energized to continue our journey, pushing boundaries, breaking barriers, and creating positive change. Premier Projects remains steadfast in its commitment to the community, sports development, and the dreams that drive us forward.