Water For All Cameroon 2021

Premier Projects install drinking water supply in Cameroon village

Premier Projects has installed a new water supply in a village in Cameroon.

The people of Massombo had suffered from a lack of clean water supplies for many years. This led to increased water-borne diseases.

Having launched Water For All in 2018, a campaign to bring drinking water supplies to every corner of Cameroon, Premier Projects and RJC were happy to help in Massombo.

A spokesman for Premier Projects said:

“We are delighted to answer the call and support the villagers of Massombo. We believe that water is a right for everyone, which is why we launched Water For All.”
“At Premier Projects and RJC, we believe we have a social responsibility within Cameroon to give back to our communities.”

Since the launch of Water For All, Premier Projects, the community department of Premier Bet and Premier Loto, have installed pumps across the country.

Water For All was created due to the serious issue many Cameroonians face trying to access fresh and safe water. This is the same for people living in the big cities as it is for those in small villages.

For the pump in Massombo, the priest of the village made a direct request to Premier Bet and RJC for support.

A ceremony was held on Sunday 13 June where the priest tested the water supply in front of a thankful crowd.

Premier Loto and RJC installed the water pump in the same region where they built a school in 2019. The supply will serve the school, as well as the wider community.

The waterline, which is solar powered, is equipped with a four-tap fountain. This is open to the population, with a direct connection to the school.

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