Premier Projects continues community work in Angola

The sports betting company has donated food and PPE packages to another community in Angola, just weeks after a similar charitable deed

Premier Projects have continued their charity in work in Angola, as they donated more food packages to a community in need.

This time, the charity division of Premier Bet donated the packages to Rangel.

Located in the east of Luanda, Rangel is one of the capital’s six urban districts. Poverty and hardship are sadly all too easy to come by.

The packages included pasta, rice, oils, flour and sugars, as well as health kits with disinfectants, soaps and masks.

A spokesman for Premier Projects said:


“We are committed to being a positive citizen in Angola. We hire thousands of Angolans and provide them with sustainable and safe jobs. On top of this, we are also committed to working with our communities and giving back to those in need.”

The donation in Rangel follows hot on the heels of Premier Bet’s similar donation in Cazenga.

Both districts of Luanda were recommended by the authorities as areas that needed support.

According to the UN, Angola has a “high level of food insecurity as a result of displacement and high rates of pre-existing poverty.”

Premier Bet and Premier Projects are committed to helping the communities we work in. Through sports, health and education, we aim to give back to Angola in any way possible.

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