Premier Projects Cameroon

Premier Projects donates computers to young people in Cameroon

Premier Projects has donated high quality computers to disadvantaged young people in Cameroon.

Premier Projects and RJC donated the computers to the people of Bazou, in the Western Region of Cameroon.

COVID-19 has brought teaching and school learning to an abrupt halt in Cameroon. As a result, many local authorities across the country have set up schemes to employ young people during the extended break.

In Bazou, the authorities launched the “Special Computer Holidays” initiative. This will train young people in IT over a 40-day period, which would give them a vital skill for future development.

A spokesman for Premier Projects commented: “COVID-19 is damaging our communities in more ways than one. We cannot forget about the young people in our society who are unable to attend their education classes. We must ensure that the pandemic does not leave the next generation behind

“Premier Loto, Premier Bet and RJC pride ourselves as a corporate citizen of Cameroon. We have a duty to help those who need it. This is another example of our commitment to doing just that.”

Each year RJC and Premier Projects donate packs to schools and graduates, which gives them the supplies necessary to succeed in their education.

Charitable work by all parties in Cameroon has been clear to see all year. Despite the effect the pandemic has had on the global economy, RJC and Premier Projects have increased their community work.

Earlier in September the two renovated tennis facilities in Douala. In August, 2020, plans were unveiled for a new care home for the elderly in Yabassi.