We are planting trees from our office with Ecosia!

We discover that we can help to plant trees every time we look up SL Benfica the next opponent, AS Monaco’s next game’s prognostics or while rewatching AC Milano star player Zlatan’s best strike. And all we need to do is to use the alternative of Google, Ecosia as our default search engine.


What is Ecosia?

Ecosia is a certified B-Corp that invests 80-100% of its profits into planting trees across the globe. It seems a bit unbelievable but they are actually doing it! It takes on average 45 internet searches to fund planting a tree.  They have already more than 15 million active users worldwide and have planted over 146 million trees. So, the more we search with Ecosia, the more we plant. In just 10 years Ecosia has grown from a grassroots project to the biggest planter of native trees on the planet. Learn more: https://info.ecosia.org/


Why are we switching to Ecosia?

With Ecosia, we can help to plant trees simply while working and browsing, we decided to launch our very own 1-month internal challenge, the #Editecplantingtreeschallenge. Let’s see how many trees we can plant as an organization from our computers in a month!

One of our CSR Commitments is to positively impact our environment. Therefore, our goal is for our whole organisation to switch to this search engine. We believe that this simple switch in our office will have a meaningful impact.

It’s actually nice that with Ecosia, our daily work tasks, curiosity and silly questions are doing some good in the world.

Stay tuned and we will share our impact as a company by the end of the year.