Premier Projects Netball Academy and Arena – First stone Ceremony in Malawi

On the 21st of January, Premier Projects organised the First stone ceremony of its newest project in Malawi. This first stone ceremony was not only for the establishment of our Premier Projects Netball Academy and Court, we believe it was as well for marking the beginning of a new Era in Malawi’s Netball history.
Why Netball?
Premier Projects has been amazed by the exceptional performance of our Women’s National Netball Team (The Queens) on the international stage. With the minimum investment toward Netball in the country and the lack of proper facilities for training, our Queens has clearly shown the potential for better results on the international scene, if they will be provided with the attention and support that they truly deserve through such unique projects.
We are confident that this project will unearth new talents and develop the skills of the existing ones, who will maintain Malawi among the top on the world map for generations. Moreover, the facility’s first stone might be the trigger for Premier Projects to establish a Netball National League in the near future which unfortunately still does not exist.
On another hand, this project will somehow support the efforts and campaigns conducted by the government and other major NGOs in Malawi in raising awareness and fighting against the growth of young age marriage practice. For that, our direct and indirect contribution toward this cause might in the future lead us to partner with these NGOs and take the fight to an advanced practical level
Finally, we are expecting the community to start making use of this project in April 2023.
The Queens International Ranking History:
1995: 8th
1999: 11 th
2003: DNQ
2007: 5th
2011: 6th
2015: 6th
2019: 6th
2020: 6th
2021: 7th
2022: 6th