Premier Projects is opening a new football Arena in Dakar, Senegal.

On the 19th of November 2022, Premier Bet CSR division, Premier Projects officially launched Premier Projects Football Arena. They renovated a football court in the capital’s city centre for the local community to enjoy and practice football in a safe and bright environment.

Premier Projects Arena – Terrain Jean Paul Attiba

Located in Fann-Point E-Amitié, this football arena, provided by the commune’s town hall, was renovated by Premier Projects, on behalf of Premier Bet Senegal, for the people of the commune. This arena is open to football enthusiasts and easily accessible, close to the town hall and the Ministry of Sports. Premier Projects’hope is for this arena to become a vibrant and inclusive place where future Sadio Mane can safely and freely practice their favourite sports. It is also a place where people can gather and spend quality time together.

Premier Projects in Senegal

Premier Bet CSR division, Premier Projects was created to give back to the incredible communities where Premier Bet operates. Premier Projects wants to impact young people with its new social responsibility strategy. The goal is to use sport, to positively impact and inspire the young generation! Sports require hard work, focus and discipline and Premier Projects’ strategy is the empower the youth by providing them with the space to acquire these values.

Football industry in Senegal

The Senegalese population is buzzing with passion for football. It is the Number One sport locally. There is real football patriotism, and most of the population follows and supports the “Les Lions de la Téranga”. In fact, many children improvise a game in the street, using makeshift balls and blocks as field boundaries. They create the opportunity to practice and pursue their passion with what they have at their disposal. . This project is thus in line with the kids’ daily efforts to practice their favourite sport and we want to provide the opportunity to do so in a better and safer environment.