Premier Projects Basketball Arena: A Slam Dunk for Rwanda’s Sports Scene

We are thrilled to announce that Premier Projects, the CSR division of Premier Bet and Premier Loto, has launched a new basketball arena in Nyagatare, Rwanda. The Premier Projects Basketball Arena is a gift from Premier Projects, on behalf of Premier Bet Rwanda, to the people of Nyagatare. It is open to everyone and is a place to not only play basketball but also to gather and spend time together.


At Premier Projects, we believe in the power of sports to bring people together, and we are committed to giving back to the communities where our partners operate. For over 5 years, Premier Bet has actively developed its activity in Rwanda, and we are excited to now offer a state-of-the-art sports facility to the people of Nyagatare. Our wish is that everyone in the community can enjoy and practice sports in a safe, well-designed, and bright environment.


The Premier Projects Basketball Arena is just one example of Rwanda’s growing passion for basketball. The government of Rwanda recognizes the sport’s ability to create national unity and pride while improving the health of the people. Basketball is the second most popular sport in the country and by far the most popular indoor sport. Rwanda even has a professional basketball league called the National Basketball League, and the league winner will advance to the Basketball Africa League (BAL) qualifiers.


To further support the rising popularity of basketball in Rwanda, the government partnered with Turkish Investment Company, Summa, to open the Kigali Arena. This new arena is one of Africa’s largest indoor stadiums and will host major regional and international basketball events. Recently, the BAL 2022 playoffs and finals were held there, drawing fans from across the continent and beyond.


The partnership between the Rwandan government and Summa has the potential to introduce Rwanda as a world-class tourism and investment destination, highlighting Africa’s growing sports industry. The Kigali Arena offers an incredible opportunity to attract international basketball tournaments and positions Rwanda as a major sports tourism destination in the region.


At Premier Projects, we are proud to be a part of Rwanda’s basketball boom and to support the country’s growing sports industry. Our new basketball arena is just the beginning of our commitment to building the first Pan-African Sports platform. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!