Scholars outside MUBAS in Malawi

Malawian students benefit from Premier Projects scholarship programme

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University students in Malawi have had the financial burden of their studies lifted, thanks to Premier Projects.

Ten students of the Malawi University of Business and Applies Studies (MUBAS) have received scholarships, paid for by the community department of Premier Bet and Premier Loto.

This means their fees have been paid for the next academic year, allowing them to concentrate on their courses.

The move by Premier Projects is a part of their ongoing campaign; Education For All. The movement aims to support students, schools and adults, through scholarships and donations.

A spokesman for Premier Projects commented:


“Education For All is about projects like this. We want everyone to have the chance to study and improve their work prospects. We wish all of the scholars the best of luck and look forward to sharing updates on their progress.”

Amongst the subjects being studied are Mathematics and Statistics, Electrical Engineering and IT, to name a few.

Students were selected based on a number of criteria. First, they had to show that they had received good grades in previous years and had the desire to complete their studies. Secondly, those chosen did not have the means to pay for the education themselves.

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