Be Very You: Rich Lee ran a 10k marathon

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Our Director of Online Marketing and Sales just ran a 10k marathon to support his son’s school!

At Editec, we will probably soon be able to launch a marathon team. After Gilles Catteeuw last April, Rich Lee is our new marathon champion. He challenged himself and participated in the Staines 10k marathon to raise funds for a new ICT Suite for his son’s school. The money raised will help to build a new ICT suite at his school, and donations can be made at this page



There is nothing I believe in more than giving my children every chance to succeed. This starts with education, and with my oldest son in reception year the chance to give something back to him and his school was a big motivator for me to step outside my comfort zone and try a competitive 10km race.
Rich Lee

Be Very You Campaign – CSR Employee engagement activities


As a part of Premier Bet, Premier Loto and Editec’s CSR strategy, we created our Campaign “Be Very You” for our employees. wellness. We aim to allow them as individuals to achieve self-actualization, to overcome day-to-day obstacles and pressures and to actively contribute to society.

As an employer, it’s wonderful to witness our inspiring people realizing their personal goals and achievements and to be able to support them in their journey.

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