Premier Projects Senegal

Premier Projects donates essential items to orphanages in Senegal

Orphanages in Senegal received a timely donation of food and essential items thanks to Premier Projects.

Premier Projects distributed food, milk and more to the Medina and Guédiawaye Nurseries in Dakar. Premier Bet LONASE supported the donation.

The donation was a welcome boost to both nurseries, who will now have enough supplies for the young orphans for the coming weeks.

A spokesman for Premier Projects said: “We are delighted to lend a helping hand to these fantastic Dakar nurseries. 2020 has been a challenging year for all and we believe in giving back to the community. We hope our donation can help the nurseries continue to care for some of Senegal’s most vulnerable people.”

The donation was made in partnership with the GASS Foundation – Generosity, Action, Social, Solidarity.

The GASS Foundation helps with many social activities in Senegal. This includes assisting orphans and orphanages.

Premier Projects has completed other charitable work with GASS. In July 2020, the organisation donated PPE to GASS, to distribute to places in need. The PPE was vital to protect people against COVID-19.

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