Premier Projects announces Education For All campaign

Premier Projects has announced the launch of its latest social campaign across Africa; Education For All.

Education For All will see Premier Projects support people and institutions from across the continent in their studies, business ventures and more.

This will include the setting up of scholarships, paying for student fees, donations to education establishments and supporting adults in learning new skills.

The announcement of Education For All coincided with details of the first project. In Cameroon, Premier Projects has partnered with the University of Ngaoundere. The agreement will see Premier Projects fund the studies of 12 students.

A spokesman for Premier Projects said: “We are delighted to announce Education For All. This is a campaign that has been worked on for many months and we are all proud to see it come to life.

“Education is one of the key pillars in our community work. We believe that far too many people in Africa are excluded from education for reasons beyond their control. This campaign aims to help those achieve their dreams.”

University support

At the University of Ngaoundere, Premier Projects will fund scholarships for three students in four categories:

  • Best students with motor disabilities
  • Best students who obtained a diploma without re-sits
  • Best students of Science and Technology
  • Best students of the north

Premier Projects will pay for the university fees, accommodation fees and academic supplies as a part of the deal. The students will be selected in October, November and December 2021.

Education has long been a part of the Premier Projects mantra. In Kinshasa, the community department of Premier Bet and Premier Loto, held a seminar to help women upscale their local businesses.

In Guinea, the company funded the education of 30 girls who had previously been unable to afford their studies.

In 2020, Premier Projects supported the NGO, UKANI, to help women learn textiles skills in Malawi.

Education For All follows on from the success of Sport For All; the campaign by Premier Projects to improve community sports across Africa. Sport For All projects will continue to be developed alongside Education For All developments throughout 2021.

You can learn more about Premier Projects on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.